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Changing the World (for Real!) One Love Story At a Time

From hometowns to Hollywood, Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg is building a better world when it comes to love

We’ve all seen those dating shows that we love to hate where beautiful people are plugged into situations that often create false closeness and, ultimately, heartbreak. It’s entertainment, right? Sure, but what about those who, long after the show, continue to struggle to find the right partner and have a meaningful relationship? The vast majority of what’s offered in the dating world today falls short of introducing singles to their ideal partner and instead supports the continuation of bad relationship patterns, keeping them from finding the love they deserve!

Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg — known across the globe for her work with Oprah on the award-winning show “Lovetown, USA” — does things differently, and the world is taking notice. As Kailen shares in her book, “Real Love, Right Now,” it’s not just about matchmaking; it’s about true love awareness. That means healing the parts of you that are unknowingly blocking you from finding lasting love. Kailen helps “redesign who you are and what you’re putting out into the world, from your heart to your home.” Kailen teaches singles how to build a new foundation for love and draw the necessary blueprint to attract their ideal mate.


The most important step you can take towards experiencing a healthy love relationship, says Kailen — whether you’re with an existing partner or you’re single and looking for love — is to become completely aware of who you truly are when it comes to relationships and your own love readiness. This isn’t an easy task for people to do on their own. So, to make this process more accessible, Kailen partnered with renowned relationship therapists and international bestselling authors Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly-Hunt to create the most meaningful love assessment to date: the Real Reveal®.

Single, married, partnered, dating — wherever someone is in their quest for love, the Real Reveal test was designed to support them. Through a series of questions, the assessment tells people which of the following stages they are in currently, revealing the perfect partner for them:

1. Life Mate (Love Enlightened) – You exist in a state of fully healthy love relationships. You easily give and accept love, and so does the ideal partner for you.

2. Soul Mate (In Transit) – Your relationships are passionate and fiery, but ego still gets in the way of you becoming a Life Mate. You are in transit, but is it toward or away from becoming a Life Mate?

3. Ego Mate (Underdeveloped) – Your love readiness is underdeveloped and you unfortunately get stuck too often in ego, but you are in the space of evolving to become a potential Soul Mate… hopefully!

Anyone can dig deeper into discovering what Life Mates, Soul Mates, and Ego Mates are by taking the Real Reveal test for themselves.

Kailen and her world-renowned Love Design® team are offering a free version of this groundbreaking assessment — Real Reveal “Lite” — where anyone can answer 15 questions to find out more about their true love readiness (available at www.RealRevealTest.com, in the iOS App Store, or through Google Play). The full version of the Real Reveal includes 86 questions that dig even deeper to show people not only their love readiness, but also which direction they are currently moving — towards or further away from being and attracting a true Life Mate. A portion of the proceeds from the full version of the Real Reveal will be donated to charities, to be announced.

“When my husband and I met and fell in love,” says Kailen, “we were quite underdeveloped but we were definitely Soul Mates — in need of lots of training! After 20 years, we are just now learning how to become each other’s true Life Mates, and it’s blissful. In other words, there’s no shame in whatever love-readiness phase you are in at the moment; it’s just part of life, processing the wounds we’ve all experienced, and growing! These phases take work, and the key is being open to the truth of who you are and finding a partner who is at a similar place in their evolution so you can grow together.”

Spiritual. Soulful. Authentic.

With charity events, live podcasts, game nights, cocktail hours, and more, this new project aims to build a better world one single, one couple, one family at a time.

It’s Time to Design a Love Life You Deserve

You like travel, she likes travel; you like classic rock, he likes classic rock; you’re educated, she’s educated… but are these commonalities enough? Kailen reminds people that what’s below the surface matters most when it comes to finding your true life partner. She asks, “Are you interested in finding real, authentic love, or do you just want to be matched for the sake of finding someone? Forget what people look like on paper. It’s really about bringing two hearts and souls together.”

As Kailen shares with her clients, finding the right partner is about getting beyond the ego, beyond the surface to the heart and soul. That’s why she calls herself a Love Architect, not a matchmaker, though true matchmaking is certainly a part of what she offers. “All the good parts of what you see on those matchmaker shows — yes, I do that, and I also offer so much more. It’s really about healing one's unknown wounds that continually sabotage love and keep them from finding the right partner. There needs to be a new, healthier avenue for people to heal and find love than what is currently mainstream. That’s what I offer my clients.”

Elite Matchmaking — the Right Way!

Celebrities and the elite face unique challenges when it comes to navigating the world of love relationships and finding the right life partner. Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg helps them find their way. “Celebrities are starving for something real,” says Kailen, “because most people in their life tell them whatever they want to hear just to remain in that celebrity world.” Kailen helps celebrities get to the core of their own healing around love and trust; supports them in creating a new opening in their lives for healthy, meaningful relationships; and introduces them to “the right one.”

The very wealthy and elite come up against similar issues. When dealing with the reality of having great wealth while looking for love, for example, Kailen sees right through to the core of their struggle. “When you get to a certain financial level,” she says, “there’s a heightened sensitivity and paranoia that goes along with that. It’s hard for the wealthy or well known to know who is truly in their world for them — who they are in their heart and soul — and not merely for what they have. There’s a lot of sensitive and important work and healing that I take my clients through, while also teaching them how not to ‘be their wealth' when looking for love. In the end, love for them is outstanding and the right partner is easy to find.”

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For more information, visit www.TheLoveArchitects.com and www.RealRevealTest.com.
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