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It’s Time to Build Your Love House (So Real Love Can Move In)

My Love Design®

11 Steps to Real Love

Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg is revolutionizing the world of love with her groundbreaking approach to building lasting and meaningful relationships. Introducing "My Love Design," a first-of-its-kind, online luxury, dating, lifestyle, and wellness platform based on a trademarked and proven 11-step program designed to help singles discover true love and create a better world, starting with themselves, one love story at a time.

From hometowns to Hollywood, Kailen Rosenberg is known across the globe for her work with OprahTM on the award-winning show "Lovetown, USA." With her book, "Real Love, Right Now: A Thirty-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate and So Much More,” Kailen emphasizes that finding the right partner goes beyond mere matchmaking — it's about true love awareness. Through her unique Love Design methodology, she helps individuals heal and transform themselves, creating a solid foundation for attracting their ideal mates.

An Immersive Journey to Find Real Love

My Love Design® is an immersive journey that guides members who are single through 11 essential steps to finding real love. Let's take a closer look:

Step 1: The Real Reveal®*
Discover who you truly are when it comes to love and uncover the perfect partner for you.

Step 2: Your Love + Life Blueprint®
Design a custom blueprint for love (Self, Mate, Home/Office) and embark on a transformative journey to find an extraordinary mate.

Step 3: The Construction Zone
Engage in a treasure hunt of self-discovery, fill your life with love, and embrace the process of building your magnificent Love House®.

Step 4: Mindfulness
Delve within, recalibrate, and invite serenity into your being. Learn how to attract and be extraordinary love in your life.

Step 5: Love House
Transform your home into a personal sanctuary that reflects your true self and attracts the love you deserve.

Step 6: Cupid
With your Love House® ready, Cupid can work his magic and finally bring real love into your life.

Step 7: Love List
Declare your truest desires for your Life Mate and create an honest love list based on your newfound self-discoveries.

Step 8: Invitations
Receive exclusive invitations to life-changing events led by global experts in love, beauty, home design, spirituality, finances, and more.

Step 9: Members
Connect with other extraordinary Love Design members, make new friends, find love, network, and build communities together.

Step 10: Love Shopping®
Embark on a philanthropic journey of love exploration through our proprietary dating club and Modern Luxury partner events.

Step 11: Building a Better World
By building your LOVE HOUSE®, you are not only finding love but also contributing to a better world. Join the Love Design movement and spread love in your relationships, families, friendships, businesses, communities, and the world at large.

Kailen Rosenberg's approach focuses on addressing the deeper aspects of individuals, healing their wounds, and guiding them toward authentic and lasting love. Her expertise extends to elite matchmaking, where she helps celebrities and the wealthy navigate the challenges of finding genuine love amidst their unique circumstances.

With My Love Design, Kailen Rosenberg invites individuals to embark on a transformative journey toward finding real love. The program combines self-discovery, healing, and actionable steps to create a solid foundation for fulfilling relationships. Whether you are single, newly partnered, or navigating the dating scene, My Love Design is designed to support you in your quest for love.


The most important step you can take towards experiencing a healthy love relationship, says Kailen — whether you’re with an existing partner or you’re single and looking for love — is to become completely aware of who you truly are when it comes to relationships and your own love readiness. This isn’t an easy task for people to do on their own. So, to make this process more accessible, Kailen partnered with renowned relationship therapists and international bestselling authors Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt to create the most meaningful love assessment to date: the Real Reveal®.

Single, married, partnered, dating — wherever someone is in their quest for love, the Real Reveal test was designed to support them. Through a series of questions, the assessment tells people which of the following stages they are in currently, revealing the perfect partner for them:

1. Life Mate™ (Love Enlightened) – You exist in a state of fully healthy love relationships. You easily give and accept love, and so does the ideal partner for you.

2. Soul Mate™ (In Transit) – Your relationships are passionate and fiery, but ego still gets in the way of you becoming a Life Mate. You are in transit, but is it toward or away from becoming a Life Mate?

3. Ego Mate™ (Underdeveloped) – Your love readiness is underdeveloped and you unfortunately get stuck too often in ego, but you are in the space of evolving to become a potential Soul Mate… If you do the work!

“There’s no shame in whatever love-readiness phase you are in at the moment; it’s just part of life, processing the wounds we’ve all experienced, ultimately healing, and growing! These phases take work, and the key is being open to the truth of who you are and finding a partner who is at a similar place in their evolution so you can grow together.” ~ Kailen Rosenberg

Join the Love Design movement and discover the extraordinary love you deserve.

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