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The Truth Behind an Unhappy Couple

When it comes to relationships, we all typically know what works and what doesn’t… so why do we keep doing what just doesn’t work? Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg helps singles find lasting, healthy relationships, but it’s not just singles that need to go deeper and reevaluate their personal foundations to experience healthy love. Kailen also supports couples, families, and even coworkers in healing, growing, and thriving together to achieve and nurture the most rewarding life and love relationships.

If You’re Thinking of Getting of Married, Stop!

These days when Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg sees a wedding happening, she doesn’t immediately think, “Oh, look at the beautiful bride!” She thinks, “Sh*t, I hope they know what they’re doing!” After introducing thousands of singles into healthy relationships and healing over 100 marriages headed for divorce, Kailen has found that they all had the same thing in common: 99% never knew who they were really marrying in the first place. Kailen teaches people how to get real about who they are and who they’re falling in love with so their incredible love can last.

Here's the Real Reason You’re Single

When we’re single, we’re often coming from our ego and looking outside of ourselves for our perfect match. We rarely stop to consider the kinds of people we are attracting, or which of our own habits or ways of thinking caused us to attract unsuccessful relationships in the past. With her new Real Reveal® love-readiness assessment, Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg helps people get to the heart of what has disconnected them from finding lasting, healthy love in their lives and teaches them how to shift into opening to those healthy relationships here and now.

The Lost Art of Matchmaking

Whatever happened to the sweet idea of the matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof? In today’s overdriven, sensationalistic culture, mainstream matchmaking has become a money- and ego-driven practice that mainly entails matching beautiful people with beautiful people — or beautiful people with wealthy people — to keep a multi-billion dollar industry intact and “our world very stuck when it comes to love,” says Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg. Kailen goes far beyond the superficiality of mainstream matchmaking and help singles find real, lasting, healthy love. “It’s not that beautiful people and those with money can’t have a beautiful, loving relationship; it’s just that most don’t, and I want to change that,” she says.

Money + Beauty = Love Disaster?

Learn how to avoid the all-too-common transactional relationship pitfall that elite singles encounter: Money + Beauty = Disaster. This is a very real and common issue that many of Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg’s clients face, but she offers clear steps for getting to the heart of personal connections and finding true love.

Still Chasing Your Soul Mate? Your Life Mate Awaits

We are collectively obsessed with the idea of a soul mate. What we don’t realize though, says Celebrity Love Architect and elite matchmaker Kailen Rosenberg, is that this yearning goes far deeper than we think. “When our soul is starving for a Soul Mate,” she says, “it’s because we need that teacher in order to evolve to the next phase where we can be, attract, and have a true Life Mate. With a Soul Mate it’s exciting and passionate and fiery, and we learn lots of juicy stuff, but if we stay stuck and don’t evolve together towards becoming Life Mates, we can experience a lot of pain and lose ourselves.” Kailen’s Real Reveal® love-readiness assessment helps people determine whether they are at the Ego Mate, Soul Mate, or Life Mate stage — and whether they are moving closer to or further away from becoming and attracting a Life Mate.

Dating Is Broken. Time to Call an Expert!

Over the past two decades, elite matchmaker and Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg has noticed that the dating mindset and offerings for singles in this world are broken. Online dating is so impersonal, and sophisticated singles aren’t looking for just another pickup at the bar. That’s why she has created an opportunity for elite singles to find real love while learning about and working on their own love readiness.

Love Swiping? You’re Being Swiped, Too!

Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg says dating has been dumbed down to the power of the swipe. “You might feel powerful and in control swiping through people you’re not interested in,” she says, “but it’s easy to forget that you’re being swiped, too. Someone is looking at you and saying, ‘Nah, I don’t think so.’ Are we really that insignificant that we allow ourselves to be put on display and swiped? It’s like searching through online photos of puppies at a puppy mill. We’re either good enough or we’re not based on a swipe?” Kailen explains that the world of swipe dating is a false ego boost, a false sense of security, and a false sense of reality — and what it looks like to be open to finding real love.

Are All “Red Flags” Bad?

When dating, it’s natural to be on the lookout for “red flags” that could signify this partner is not the best one for you… but are all red flags bad? How can you tell what’s a real, relationship-ending red flag and what’s a yellow one that simply means proceed with caution? Kailen explains how to uncover the message and the lesson when you spot potential warning signs in a relationship.

Men: Here’s the Secret to Finding Real Love

One thing elite matchmaker and Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg hears again and again from men is that they can’t seem to find a woman who is “real and down to earth.” She helps men discover what has been blocking them from finding their ideal partner and shows them how to build a new foundation for love to attract the true Life Mate they deserve.

Are You Being Yourself or Your Mask?

When dating, do you find yourself trying to be something you’re not in order to impress a potential partner, or do you feel like you are really able to be yourself? The answer to that question has a direct impact on whether or not you’re able to be and attract a Life Mate versus a Soul Mate or Ego Mate. Kailen explains.

Singles: Don’t Be Fooled By Exteriors — Including Your Own

It’s all too easy to see someone’s beautiful exterior and accept that as reality, especially when they’ve worked hard to present a certain image… but are they showing you their true self? The same can be said for any of us. Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg invites singles to take an honest look at who they are presenting to the world, and to potential partners. She also encourages singles to look and communicate deeply enough with a new partner to get to know the real person before falling in love.
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